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Safety Cabinet, 4 Adj Shelves

Price: $2,533.30

Model Number: 1120SC Dimensions: 48"W x 24"D x 82"H

All-Welded Safety Cabinet with Clearview Doors

Includes Four Adjustable Shelves

Bright Safety Yellow Finish

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1000 Series 36" wide
Storage Cabinets

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Flush Door
Storage Cabinets

Visible Storage Cabinets

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Storage Cabinets

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Clearview Lockable
Storage Cabinets

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Heavy Duty 36" Wide
All-Welded Bin Cabinets

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Heavy Duty 48" & 60"
Wide All-Welded Bin

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plastic bin welded cabinets solid doors

Interlocking Storage
Cabinet Floor Stands

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Specialty Cabinets With
Drawers and Bins

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plastic storage cabintets

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4-Door Storage Cabinets

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Lockable Storage

Mobile Cabinet With 4
Drawer Lockable Storage

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24" Wide Mobile Bench
Cabinet With Drawers

Maintenance and
Workstation Carts

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Ultimate Storage,
Pegboard Cabinet

Cabinets For Wall
Mounting or Bench Tops
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