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Poly Drum Truck

Price: $634.60

Model Number: 45BT Dimensions: 59.5"H

10" x 2.5" Moldon Rubber Wheels, 1000 lb cap

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Hand Trucks - Light Metal

magliner hand trucks gemini series magliner two wheel folding hand truck
luggage truck
aristocart luggage trucks 2 wheelers liftkar powered stair climbing hand truck stairking battery powered stair climbing appliance truck


lightweight folding trucks replacement parts for magline hand trucks replacement parts for gemini jr and sr hand trucks molded plastic curb ramps

Replacement Parts for
Magline Hand Trucks

Replacement Parts for
Gemini Jr. and Sr.
Hand Trucks

Molded Plastic
Curb Ramps

aluminum curb ramps
liftkar hd
aluminum ladder & cart


battery powered convertible truck




Hand Trucks - Drum Handling

hand trucks drum handling trucks two wheel drum trucks
drum trucks
drum trucks combination drum and hand truck 80 series mobile karrier
drum trucks
model 81 drum spotter dm-1100 drum handler poly-dolly
drum dispenser, trucks and dollies
drum racks, cradles and stackers manual aluminum drum trucks 4-Wheel Drum Trucks
drum truck

Hand Trucks - Steel

steel appliance and vending trucks series 126 industrial hand trucks
series 136 industrial hand trucks
heavy duty vending trucks
series 156 industrial hand truck standard 186 series specialty hand truck heavy duty hand trucks
heavy duty shovel nose trucks
heavy duty warehouse trucks two-in-one industrial steel hand trucks ezy-tilt pallet trucks


student desk mover stacked chair dolly  

Stacked Chair Dolly


v-shaped book cart and table sheet wheeler wire reel caddy

Series 626D-SS
Drum Truck
304 Stainless Steel


Hand Trucks - Cylinder Handling

cylinder products cylinder lift ezy-rol aluminum cylinder trucks
cylinder transport pallet portable cylinder lifter cylinder trucks cylinder cart

Cylinder Transport Pallet


Large Liquid Gas Cylinder Cart w/Power Drive




Our company is a broad line distributor of Material Handling Equipment such as Cylinder Handling, Drum Trucks,
Drum Carts, and Hand Trucks. In addition, our knowledgeable and friendly staff specializes in 2 Wheel Dollies,
Aluminum Hand Trucks, Luggage Trolleys, Luggage Trucks, Magliner, and Powered Stair Climbing Hand Trucks.