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Counterbalanced Stacker

Price: $33,627.00

Model Number: BGL33-104 Dimensions: 104" Lift Height

Battery discharge indicator, hour meter, combo gauge, key switch

Power steering control

Fork size:  42" x 4" x 1.5"

1 - 10" x 4.1" press-on polyurethane drive tire

2 - 10" x 4" polyurethane load wheels

72" lowered mast ht., 6" free lift

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powerstak straddle design powerstak fork over design

The PowerStak
Straddle Design

The PowerStak
Fork Over Design

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Drive Straddle Truck

BGS-30 Powered
Drive Straddle Truck

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powerstak counterbalance stackers

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Drive Straddle Truck

PowerStak Counterbalance

Stackers with Lithium
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power straddle truck
power drive stacker

Counterbalanced Stacker

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Power Propelled Drum


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