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Gowning Bench, 72in Long

Price: $795.00

Model Number: GB-6 Dimensions: 72"L

16 Gauge

Stainless Steel

Shipped Knocked Down

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stainless steel tables stainless steel table with undershelf
ss galvanized undershelf table

TG Series
Stainless Steel Flat
Top Galvanized
Steel Undershelf

TGS Series
Stainless Steel 2 3/4"
Backsplash Galvanized
Steel Undershelf

ss backsplash table stainless steel flat top table ss table with crossbracing
ss tables

TSS Series
Stainless Steel 2 3/4"
Backsplash Stainless
Steel Undershelf

stainless steel workbenches workbenches stainless steel shelves

TSSX Series
Stainless Steel 2 3/4"
Backsplash Stainless Steel
Legs and Crossbracing


stainless steel mixer stands TSO Series Stainless Steel cabinets TSBO Series Stainless tables
TSBO Series Stainless tables

MSU Series
Stainless Steel Mixer Stands

TSBOD Series Stainless workbenches Wall Cabinets flexible workcenters
Stainless Steel Overshelves

TSBOD Series Stainless
Steel 4" Backsplash
SS Enclosed w/Sliding Doors

hd super work table
work tables with overhead
stainless steel specialty tables

Space Saver
24"D Worktables

TCV & TCBV Series
Stainless Steel Specialty Tables

left hand dishtables right hand dishtables intermediate shelves
stainless steel left hand dishtables

ST Series Stainless Steel
Clean, Left Hand Dishtables

SDLL & USDL Series Stainless Steel Soiled,
Left Hand Dishtables

stainless steel right hand dishtables stainless steel specialty tables stainless steel cabinets
mobile work tables

SDLR & USDR Series
Stainless Steel Soiled,
Right Hand Dishtables

Mobile Work Tables

gowning benches

Gowning Bench



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Steel Work Table, Stainless Tables, and Tables. In addition, our knowledgeable and friendly staff specializes in Bench, Benches,
Gowning Bench, Mobile Work Table, Stainless Steel Mixer Stand, and Stainless Steel Bench.