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Four Point Sack Lifter Beam, 2 Ton Cap

Price: $2,903.00

Model Number: HFPSL-2-48SK

2 ton capacity.

Supplied with strap keepers, sling spacers, are on option at no additional charge.

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Model 20 Low Headroom
Multiple Spread
Lifting Beam

Model 17 Economy
Adjustable Lifting Beam

Model 18 Economy
Fixed Twin Basket
Sling Lifting Beam

Model 28 Chlorine
Cylinder Lifting Beam

Model 32 Adjustable
Spreader Beams

Plate Lifter

lifting beams lifting beams spreader beam
adjustable beam

HSSLB Short Span
Lifting Beam
(Plate Style)

Universal Lifting
Spreader Beam

lifting beam lifter beam
spreader beams

HBSLB Basket
Sling Lifting Beam

Point Sack Lifter Beam

fork truck hook hook beam
double hook beam
lifting beam

Fork Truck Hook

Truck Hook Beam

spreader beam adjustable spreader lifting beam

Model 430 Dura-Lite™
Composite Beam
Spreader Beam

Model 416 Dura-Lite™
Composite Beam
Adjustable Spreader/
Lifting Beam

Our company is a broad line distributor of Material Handling Equipment such as Spreader Beams, Lifting Beams, Beam Lifting
Devices, Hook Beams, and Beams. In addition, our knowledgeable and friendly staff specializes in Adjustable Lifting Beams,
Fixed Lifting Beams, Cylinder Lifting Beams, Sling Lifting Beams, Plate Lifter, and Bar Stock Material Positioners.