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High Deck Platform Truck, 1400 lb Capacity

Price: $648.40

Model Number: WHPT24605PU95 Dimensions: 24"W x 60"D x 42"H

5” Polyurethane Casters

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Low Deck Stock Trucks
(2,000 & 2,400 lb Cap.)

Panel Platform Trucks
(1,400 lb. Capacity)

panel mover heavy duty panel/sheet mover

Adjustable Panel
Moving Trucks

(2,000 lb. Capacity)

Panel Mover

Heavy Duty
Panel/Sheet Mover

Panel Moving Trucks
(2,000 lb. Capacity)

5th Wheel Trucks
(2,000 lb. Capacity)

Platform Trucks
(1,200 lb. Capacity)

Platform Truck
With Bumpers

(3,600 lb. Capacity)

Perforated Platform Trucks
(2,000 & 3,000 lbs. Cap.)

2 & 3 Sided Platform
(2,300 &
3,600 lbs. Capacity)

metal platform truck stainless steel platform trucks

Stock Platform Trucks
(1,400 & 3,600 lbs. Cap.)

rubbermaid platform trucks
folding handle platform trucks
aluminum dunnage racks value cart collection
bellman & utility carts
2000 series easy-mover bellmans cart

Bellman & Utility Carts

2000 Series Easy-Mover
Bellman's Cart

factory tilt style trucks

Hardwood Platform

bar cradle trucks heavy duty platform truck

HQ Platform Trucks

grid deck platform truck and panel cart u-boat platform trucks power drive platform trucks value plastic platform trucks

Grid Deck Platform
Truck and Panel Cart

U-Boat Platform Trucks

Power Drive
Platform Trucks

Value Plastic
Platform Trucks

Tubular Platform Trucks
(1,400 lbs. Capacity)

Bar Cradle Trucks
(4,000 & 10,000 lbs Cap.)

5th Wheel Trucks
(2,000 lbs. Capacity)

Platform Truck
With 2 Shelves

(1,200 lb. Capacity)

thrifty plate aluminum tread platform truck aluminum folding ergo-handle truck
galv truck

Galvanized Truck

Wire Cage Carts

Work Height
Platform Trucks

(1,800 lb. Capacity)

six wheel foldable

Six-Wheel Foldable
Platform Trucks

Drywall Trucks
(3,000 lb Capacity)


Adjustable Panel
Platform Movers

(2,000 & 3600 lb Capacity)

Bar Panel Trucks
(3,600 & 4,000 lb Capacity)

Garden Trucks
(1,000 lb. Capacity)

Medical Cylinder Carts
(1,400 lb Capacity)

5th Wheel Garden Trucks
(1,000 & 1,200 lb Cap.)

Hopper Trucks
(2,000 lb Capacity)

Our company is a broad line distributor of Material Handling Equipment such as Aluminum Platform Trucks, Panel Carts,
and Platform Trucks. In addition, our knowledgeable and friendly staff specializes in 4 Wheel Material Handling Carts,
4 Wheel Trolley, Airport Luggage Carts, Bellman Cart, Luggage Trucks, and Steel Platform Trucks.