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8ft High 8ft Wide Straight Partition System

Price: $263.24

Model Number: 14071808

Kit Includes One 8' High x 8' Wide Straight Panel, Steel Track, Chain Suspended Connector, Threaded Rod Adapter, End Stops and Two Wheel Nylon Roller Hooks

Features a 53" High Clear Vinyl Center Section That Starts 30" Up From The Floor. The Top Section Will Vary According To Your Height Requirement.

2.5# per Linear Foot

Image may or may not be your exact model. Images are for reference only.


...the ideal solution to industrial space utilization and organization
Increase productivity, conserves energy, creates privacy, and maximizes usable floor
space by allowing activities to be locate in close proximity to areas requiring a clean
environment or partition.

Flexible partition rolls easily out of the way when you don't need it,
or when you need access to partitioned areas.
glide wall track & roller partition system

Clear section provides feeling of spaciousness
on the inside...yet allows easy supervision from
the outside.


• Departmental partitioning

• Production work bays

• Wash bays

We offer a maximum utility work station which combines high quality GLIDEWALL™ vinyl partitions with our
highly engineered, easy gliding track system to provide the ultimate in work space efficiency and flexibility.

The system combines a range of partition materials with our durable hardware to provide a series of answers to
partitioning needs in the industrial environment.

All partitions are constructed with nickel-plated brass grommets every 12" across the top reinforced edge. All vinyl's
resist fire, water, oil, mildew, most acids, are California Fire Marshal (CFM) approved, and are tear resistant. All
partitions utilize the same hardware components.

The rugged straight track and curved corners are made of 16-gauge hot-dipped galvanized steel. 1" swivel hooks are
fastened to 2-wheel, industrial strength nylon rollers which are designed for smooth, fluid movement. Roller partitions
are supplied complete with all connectors, end stops and set screws needed for assembly.

wall partitions
Features a 53" high clear vinyl center section that starts 30"
up from floor. The top section will vary according to your
height requirement. Each partition is furnished with two, 2"
wide x 1' long Velcro strips on each side to provide easy
access and yet assure a tight seal. A Zinc plated chain is
installed in bottom hem. Opaque vinyl panels are available
in white, yellow, blue, green, red, gray or black.
GLIDEWALL™ Partitions are easy to install...
curtain partitions

Standard units are supplied with hardware for suspension
mounting. Suspended mount involves hanging track from
overhead supports using 3/8" threaded rod, chain, cable
or angle iron. Upon installation of threaded rod or chain,
the track is fastened by threaded rod connectors or
chain supports. Once track is suspended in place,
install roller hooks, end stops, and hang the partition by
inserting hooks through brass grommets. Hardware for
wall mounting, or flush-to-ceiling hardware is available.


• Easy to install

• Designed and constructed to provide long, dependable service

privacy walls

MEASURE-OFF area you wish to enclose or divide. Can be a straight run, a two, three or four sided enclosure,
or multi-station partition.

Note: a 90° curved track is used to allow partitions to move around corners. The curved track has a 2 ft. radius, therefore 2’
less straight track is needed on either side of curve. (Example: A 10’x10’ two sided partition would consist of two 8’ straight
sections and one curved section.)
2. DETERMINE THE HEIGHT and order partitions to exact height. Normal tolerance is 1" (floors are not always
poured evenly, take measurement from highest point of floor).
3. SELECT THE COLORS you desire. Available in white, yellow, green, blue, red and black. Note: Super-Vision
can be supplied with one color below the see-through section, and another color above.
Systems are supplied standard for suspension mounting. Track is hung from overhead support by chain or threaded
rod (not included). Hardware can also be supplied for flush mount to ceiling, at the same price, or wall mount.
Freestanding floor mount hardware available on request.

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Now Available in Standard Size Kits Kit consists of panel, steel track, chain suspended connector, threaded rod adapter, end stops and 2 wheel nylon roller hooks.

Model No.
14071608 8' 6' straight 14.4#
14071808 8' 8' straight 19.2#
14071108 8' 10' straight 24#
14776408 8' 4' curve 14#
14071610 10' 6' straight 15.6#
14071810 10' 8' straight 20.8#
14071010 10' 10' straight 26#
14776410 10' 4' curve 15#
14071612 12' 6' straight 17.4#
14071812 12' 8' straight 23.2#
14071012 12' 10' straight 29#
14776412 12' 4' curve 15.6#
Glide Wall Track & Roller Partition System, Curtain Privacy Wall, Curtain Wall, Flexible Partition rolls easily out of the way,
Gliding Track System, Clear Vinyl Center Section, and Vinyl Partitions from your source for material handling equipment.