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Brass Faucet

Price: $279.30

Model Number: 1974-B

Brass Faucet Only

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Easily dispense flammable liquids into small
   capacity vessels
Self-closing dispensing faucet
For use on workbenches or elevated shelves
Model 1327 has Teflon gasket
Model 1328 has leather gasket
FM approved
MODELS 1327 & 1417

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Model Material & Color Capacity Faucet Weight Price
1417 Coated Metal, Red 5 gal. Brass 12 lbs.
1327 316 Stainless 5 gal. Stainless 9 lbs.
1329 Stainless Steel Faucet - Stainless 3 lbs.
1974-B Brass Faucet - Brass 2 lbs.
Faucet Safety Cans, Dispense Flammable Liquids, Self-Closing Dispensing Faucet, Teflon Gasket, Leather Gasket,
and FM Approved from your complete source for material handling equipment.